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 Read this before posting an appeal!

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PostSubject: Read this before posting an appeal!   Sun Jun 21, 2009 2:32 pm

Before posting a new topic asking when you will be unbanned, or what the reason for your ban was, always search through our banlist index and search for your name and/or steamID.

* If you know you broke a rule and find out via the banlist index that you got a rather generous ban time (1day~ or less), there really isn't a need for you to post an appeal. The ban isn't long, and a couple hours of Infinity depravity could be a good opportunity for you to read up on the rules. Be mature and accept your small punishment and look at it as a mercy strike. A warning ban often sets people in the right direction of following the rules, but this isn't necessarily the case all the time.

* If your ban time was more severe (3days+), you may post a topic explaining your actions that got you banned, and why you chose to behave the way you did. Included in your post should be your in-game name, your steamID, and somewhere in the post should be a sincere public apology for breaking said server rule. This will by no means grant you an automatic unban. Your fate will still lie entirely on the admin's discretion based upon your actions and conduct both pre- and post- ban.

* If you feel you were "falsely accused", "accidentally", or "mistakenly" banned, feel free to make a topic explaining your situation. Describe in detail what you think could of happened that got you banned. Our admin's have to ban a lot of people, and on rare occasions, an accidental ban may occur.

* You should never, EVER, try lying while attempting to appeal a ban. The only thing you will accomplish by lying is upgrading your ban to an permanent one. The admins have had experience with noobs for a very long time. We have heard all the excuses. Do not think that you have thought of a "fool-proof" lie that will work. Just don't bother trying to waste everyone's time.

* Whatever the case is when posting, be polite, be mature, and please PLEASE use complete sentences with end punctuation. Nothing makes us sadder than seeing the poorly educated youth of this generation making topics that consist of the Guinness world record of the longest stringed profanities written entirely in caps lock.

Be polite and mature when you post, you get polite and mature responses. Be an asshole when you post, you will have a new one ripped open for you by us and our members.

If you have read the above in it's entirety, and think you are capable of writing a coherent and sensible appeal, then please click the following and begin writing.

I have read the above message and am ready to post an appeal.
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Read this before posting an appeal!
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